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I'm a studio potter that works on the Kent Coast - also known as Katachi Ceramics.


Focusing on the simplicity of form and finishes that accentuate the beauty of the natural materials I use, my work is predominantly wheel thrown stoneware, often with the addition of wood or other natural materials. The willow additions are carefully selected, shaped and formed using traditional wood bending techniques - ensuring each handle or closure is handmade specifically to suit each individual pot. My passion for Japanese craft, mid-century design and found objects in nature, often form the inspiration for much of my work. 


After initially making domestic / homeware for retailers and galleries, I now mostly enjoy creating one-off individual pieces and providing them direct to my customers online and at ceramic markets. This works perfectly for me as I love connecting with my customers and making work that forms a personal connection with its owner. Working this way allows me to constantly explore different clay blends, glazes and combinations to make unique pieces to stand the test of time.

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