Katachi Ceramics is a collection of one-off and small batch ceramics designed by studio potter Kate Bishop Merriman.


This ever evolving collection of ceramics aims to create a simple harmony between form, function and material to encourage the appreciation of everyday rituals.


Inspiration is drawn from the clean lines and purity of forms found in traditional Japanese design as well as the natural surrounding coastline. The organic nature of wheel-throwing combined with the unpredictability of the glazing and firing process, ensures that every single piece is unique.


Each one of a kind item is carefully created by hand and twice fired to high temperatures ensuring it's durable and practical for everyday use.


Kate studied furniture and product design (BAhons) at Ravensbourne but discovered the beauty of clay when renovating her seaside family home. After enrolling on a local pottery course to create handmade tiles for her home, her passion for throwing stoneware was discovered.

The tiles have yet to be made...

All products are handmade with time, care and passion on the South East Kent coast.

KATACHI: Form telling a story

Margate Buoy